Our history tells the quality of education.

The history of Mpoma Schools is built around its founding Directors. To begin with, Mrs. Nviri Florence(Director Academics); says: ‘The idea of establishing a school was one of the things that I thought about when I was preparing for my retirement. I had the urge of setting up a school as well as the fear of failure in case things did not work.

In 1993, when my best friend and longtime parent at Gayaza what I intended to do for retirement, my option s were farming and setting up a school. Discouraging from the former, she stimulated me towards setting up a secondary school.

The wealth of 33 years of experience with the girl child education taking on several leadership roles as the deputy Headteacher of Jingo Girls’ School (1959-1960), a tutor at lrene College (1961-1975), headmistress at Gayaza Junior School (1975-1993), prompted me to set up a girls school after my retirement to further my service to this great nation. I felt Mrs. Schola Ndyagambaki (Principal Girls campus) puts it that becoming one of the founding directors was a quirk of fate really, for having been born in a family of many girls, she needed to do something for the girl child to access education easily and cheaply. In addition, many of her classmates did not go beyond attaining a grade three teacher’s certificate.

Basing on her experience in school and at home, she felt that the onus was upon her to change the trend of girl child education in Uganda. With her co-founders, who hail from different walks of life, they started Mpoma School in 1994 with the utmost aim of making affordable education available so that those who missed government schools would be readily welcomed into Mpoma School.

They did not end there, in 2009; they opened space for the boy child as well in a separate campus. She emphasizes that they were not influenced by money to set up the school lest they would have mixed it; theirs was purely providing a service to society. As founders, they believe in unity in diversity, that is why the directors of Mpoma Schools transcend tribe and religion.