I am humbled to welcome you as the senior lady of this mighty institution, Mpoma School. I give special gratitude to the God Almighty who has seen us throughout our years of existence. Being a family in Mpoma School has enabled teachers to have a cordial relationship with students, which contributes to the academic excellence of the girls. Not only are the academic needs of the learners met, but also the spiritual needs in which students search for spiritual growth.

In Mpoma we accept everyone regardless of their religious inclination. During every evening assembly, the different denominations take turns to lead prayers. The basic promise, which the founders have in mind, is the notion of unity in diversity. We instill in the girls a sense of hygiene such we instill in the girls a sense of hygiene such as cleaning around our dormitories, cleaning classrooms as well as general personal cleaning done under the supervision of the matrons, senior lady, and the prefects. We believe that cleanliness is near to Godliness, and training future mothers to take charge of their environment is a wholesome education.

There is an emphasis on humility in the girls, which we believe is the right training of the girls because good discipline coupled with assertiveness can lead them to great heights. This makes Mpoma School the right place for every daughter to be. Convinced that the above activities we engage in contributions to the true enlightenment of our students, we are confident that a bright future awaits those who sail through Mpoma School. Long live Mpoma School, as we ‘Toil for Quality and Success