I start by thanking the Almighty God for the great institution Mpoma school which has nurtured the Girl child in all aspects of life as the saying says “when you educate a girl child you educate the nation’ surely Mpoma school deserves to be called a unique entity in the country because the teachers really taught us how to behave as ladies , and also the values of education and I believe that very many Old Girls can testify about all the uniqueness of this great institution.

To all my fellow O.G’s out there I would like to inform you that we were blessed and we formed the Old Girls Association which was formed on the 22nd /aug/2013 and we were embraced with a slogan “MOGA” and we also had our first annual dinner at Mukono Collins hotel and the function was very good so I really urge all the old girls to come on board when we hold such functions because it is us to uplift our school to greater horizons. Remember we are what we are because of this great institution, and every year we shall be having a dinner to unite us as one family of this unique institution Mpoma school

Let us be role models to the current students of this great institution such that we uplift this Association to greater heights like other schools.

All in all in I salute all the administrators, teachers and the non-teaching staff for the great work they did towards making us responsible ladies and what they are still doing to uplift our school. Mpoma School the school of joy.

As our motto says TOIL FOR QUALITY AND SUCCESS, let us embrace it and we should really work hard for the goodness of our unique school.